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Zeshan’s Friends Reject Job Offer From Mumbai Diamond Firm

After a diamond export firm in Mumbai rejected Zeshan Ali Khan because he is a Muslim, the MBA graduate’s friends claim they have rejected job offers by Hare Krishna Exports Pvt Ltd.

When Zeshan Ali Khan graduated last week, he and a couple of his friends decided to apply for a job at Mumbai’s Hare Krishna Exports Pvt Ltd, a leading diamond export firm.

The HIndu reported that Omkar Bansode and Mukund Mani Pandey, received a call for an interview, and they cleared the initial stages of recruitment, but they were no longer interested in working at the firm.

“The company lacks broad-mindedness. Whatever happened to Zeshan is wrong and totally unacceptable. Even if they give me a job now, I will reject it outright,” said Bansode.

Pandey said they didn’t get a good vibe from the firm after visiting on Wednesday to find out why their friend was rejected. “When we visited the office we got strong vibes from the place that it favoured only Hindus as employees. We cannot work in such an atmosphere,” he said.

Mukund Mani told TOI that he was made an offer after two rounds of the selection process, and another classmate was set to enter the second round of interviews. “However, after seeing the manner in which Zeeshan was treated, we decided we didn’t want to join the firm,” he said.

Earlier this week, Khan told the media that he received a letter from the company stating that it does not hire Muslims: “Thanks for your application. We regret to inform you that we hire only non-Muslim candidates.”

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“I completed my MBA a week ago and then applied for a job at Harikrishna Exports Private limited. I had applied along with two other friends, their applications were accepted but mine wasn’t,” Khan told ANI.

“I took a screenshot of the email and posted it on social media. It has gone viral. The minorities commission has sent a notice to the company. I’d only like to say, please don’t discriminate candidates on the basis of religion,” Khan said.

Following widespread outrage over the rejection, the diamond firm blamed the “blunder” on a trainee in the HR department. “It was a blunder and personal mess created by one of our trainees who has no decision making power. We have 61 employees in our office here including one Muslim in the HR team,” Hari Krishna Exports Private Ltd said in the mail.

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